Struggling to get ready in winter❄️mornings….

This blog is all ‘bout helping you get fast at dressing-up yourself in the chilly, foggy mornings.

There are easy steps to do this are:

1. Put everything in place at night itself, so you don’t mess-up with finding stuff in morning.

2. Switch your geyser on for half an hour in night already.

And you’re done ✅!!!! So all you need to do is get up, freshen-up yourself🚽, brush your teeth🚰,get a bath 🛀, dress-up yourself 👗👠👓👜 and well that’s it!!!!

Wish You Luck!!!!👍🏻👍🏻


My Favourite Book 

If someone asks me ’bout my fav book, my expression are somewhat like 🤔🤔. And then I start reading the list in my mind Geronimo Stilton, Thea Stilton, Tinker Bell(a comic), The Rescue Party, The Bruce and The Spider and whatnot. But then I realise the one book 📓I ❤️ the most is Thea Stilton ‘THE CLOUD CASTLE’. I can 📖 a numerous of times is this. I do like books written 📝 by Geronimo Stilton. I find 🕵️‍♀️ these books thought-provoking as I learn new words too.

Mother’s Day 2017 – Pia Khurana


My mummy is the most precious person to me. She is all time charged with electricity…such energy only a mom can represent. She has so so so many roles to perform that sometimes I feel all her roles are as different as the colors of ‘RAINBOW’ 🌈 I have no way to explain you Mom. A huge toss to my all time hit mommy! Tks for being there unconditionally 😘 and tks for giving me wings 😊 Love you Maa 💕 Happy mother’s day with these 2 lines written by your cute little writer:

Maa…From all above the rest,
ys the best!

Pia Khurana

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PicsArt_04-17-11.33.43  My blog is about the “FIRE SERVICE WEEK”, which is from 14th-20th April. I was really concerned when I saw this campaign on a Fire Brigade truck next to our car while going somewhere. I was forced to think so many Fire accidents every summer, hence thought to write about it. Sharing 5 basic tips to avoid FIRE incidents. BE SAFE THIS SUMMER!

5 Tips:

  1. Avoid using extension cords as an electric cord acts as an out of control electric heater.
  2. Keep flammable liquids away from ignition sources.
  3. When you are working in the kitchen with oil, do not forget to have a lid o a flat cookie sheet near you.
  4. Be careful of candles, oil lamps or other open flame illuminations & decors.
  5. Take care of chargers while charging devices like Mobiles and Laptops. Do not forget to switch off the button once the device is charged.
    Here is my video version for the same 🙂

Be the helping hand this Diwali! 

Be the helping hand this Diwali 🎉🎉 buy from potters to help them celebrate & make them smile! My mission this year 😊 have bought pots & enjoying creating them 😊 thanks @apart creations for helping me, making this! Happy Diwali everyone!!

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Make your own hairband 

A huge thanks to my teacher who is the one behind this creative achievement in project based learning (pbl) 👏👏 It was a great kick to me to make something different for the special need children 👫👫I used an old headband and some quilling strips,wrapped over the headband and attached wooden flowers on it…see how’s this…

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